FSSAI for Caterers

FSSAI for Caterers​

Catering refers to the business of delivering food service at different remote sites. Besides, caterers deliver services to hospitals, hotels, marriage functions, cruise ships, aircraft, railways, film sites, parks, studios, event venues, and entertainment sites. 

If you want to start your catering business, you have to get the FSSAI Food License by completing a few of the simple and easy steps related to the FSSAI registration process. However, the type ofFSSAI license will depend on your annual turnover, which is a basic license for an annual turnover up to Rs 12lakhs. In contrast, a state food licenseis for all catering businesses, whose annual turnover starts from a minimum of Rs 12lakhs to a maximum of Rs 20crore. 

The last one is the central FSSAI license, which is for all catering FBOs, whose yearly turnover is more than Rs 20crore. Catering businesses that fail to complete their FSSAI registration requirements or get an FSSAI license cannot operate their businesses in India.

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

FSSAI is the abbreviated form of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. It is an independent body operating under the Health Ministry of the country. An FSSAI registration is compulsory for every business entity or individual who wants to get an FSSAI license according to the food safety registration.

Every food business operator must retain the levels of its food quality to make sure of the safety and providing satisfactory results to every consumer. Hence, registration under FSSAI to get an FSSAI Food License has a vital role to formulate the required controlling procedures. 

An FBO has to follow a few of the important steps to complete the FSSAI registration process, which include-

  • Selection of a particular food category
  • Selection of the type of business
  • Selection of anyone from a basic license, a state license, or a central license 
  • The documentation process for the issue of FSSAI certificate

You have to get the following common documents to fulfill your FSSAI License or registration requirements-

  • Declaration of FSSAI 
  • Your photo identity as an FBO
  • Rental agreement or any other similar type of proof to highlight your premise possession
  • Articles of Association, Incorporation Certification or Partnership Deed
  • Plan for food safety management 
  • List of dealt products

If you want to continue your food business, you have to renew it before the expiry date of the validity of your food license or FSSAI License. If the expiry of your food license gets close, you must stay attentive and make sure to apply 30days before the expiry date of your FSSAI Food License registration. 

If you belong to the category of following food business entities or individual service providers, you have to obtain an FSSAI License according to the rules mentioned in the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006-

  • Every type of food manufacturing or supplying business 
  • Food storage unit 
  • Food packaging unit 
  • Food traders 
  • Wholesale type of food business operators 
  • Online food business operators 
  • Food traders 
  • Hotels and catering services

Once you submit your application to get a basic, state, or central FSSAI license with the right documents according to the rules and norms of the FSSAI, an FSSAI inspector will attend to you to verify each of your documents before he/she will approve your application. 

If the inspector or the authorized food officer finds any mistake in your application, he/she will return your application with a valid reason and ask you for editing it. After that, you have to clarify as well as submit if you need any further documents. Once you submit the required documents and update your application, the food officer will approve your application. 

Who Needs FSSAI Registration?

An Online FSSAI registration is applicable for all types of FBOs, like a retailer, supplier, distributor, wholesaler, canteens, food vendors, clubs, hotels or Dhabas, restaurants, and similar other. Accordingly-

  • Businesses selling their food items at religious, or social gatherings excluding caterers
  • Petty produces, who manufacture foods on own, and cottage industries supplying food products
  • A makeshift type of stall supplying/selling food items, and proprietary food units
  • Vegetable oil processing/production units, who follow the solvent extraction process and oil expeller system types of refineries and can supply a maximum of 100kg/liter in a day
  • Dairy units, which collect, procure, chill or handle milk and have up to 500liters in one-day capacity or milk solids up to 2.5metric tons yearly
  • Any slaughtering capacity of 50 poultry birds, 10 small animals, 2 big animals in a single day
  • Vegetable oil processing and production units following the solvent extraction and oil refineries plus oil expeller units, who have turnover between Rs 12lacs and Rs 20crores yearly 
  • Hotels of 3-star, 4-star, 5-star and higher ratings 
  • Storages, who have a yearly capacity of less than 50,000 metric tons and the ones, who have higher than 50,000 metric tons capacity
  • Re-packers and all other types of food processing units, who have a maximum of 2metric tons or 100kg per liter daily capacity
  • 100percent of export-oriented units related to food processing, or production
  • Each importer, along with the ones importing additives, or food ingredients
  • Each of the food processing units, along with re-packers but excluding the cereals, pulses, and grains milling units with a maximum capacity of 2metric tons in a day
  • Central government or agency-operated caterers, like the caterers operating under defense, seaport, airport, airlines, railways, and so on.


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